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I grew up moving around the world with parents who were teachers. I have always loved insects and the outdoors and knew from the age of 8 that I wished to study biology in South America. I paid for college with an Army ROTC scholarship and was captain of the cheerleading team. After college I spent a year doing research in Ecuador, and decided I wanted to continue my studies in graduate school. After graduate school, I decided to return to Ecuador and continue studying on my own. With the help of many others I created Yanayacu and lived at the research station full time until 2013, studying, drawing, and dreaming. Currently, I am based out of Los Angeles, where I am a stay-at-home father to my beautiful son, Phoenix Francis Cohen Greeney.


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Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of teaching, and learning from, students from around the world.

For the most complete list of my collaborators, both past and present, please check out my CV. Currently, my most active collaborations are with the following researchers:

Phil DeVries: University of New Orleans (Natural history of anything and everything)

Rob Dobbs: Queens University, Kingston Canada (Natural History of Ecador's Mainland Avifauna)

Lee Dyer: University of Nevada, Reno (Caterpillars and Parasitoids of the Eastern Andes)

W. Chris Funk: Colorado State University (various amphibian natural history projects)

Konrad Halupka: Department of Avian Ecology, University of Wroclaw, Poland (Breeding ecology of Andean thrushes)

Paul Martin: Queens University, Kingston, Canada (Natural History of Ecador's Mainland Avifauna)

Carla Penz: University of New Orleans (Lepidopteran natural history and taxonomy)

Tomasz Pyrcz: University of Wroclaw, Poland (Pronophili butterfly natural history and taxonomy)

John O. Stireman III: Wright State University, Ohio (Reduviid natural history and lepidopteran parasitoid biology)

Tom Walla: Mesa State College, Grand Junction, Colorado (Lepidopteran life history and population dynamics)

Andrew Warren: McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity Florida Museum of Natural History University of Florida (Hesperiid life history studies)

Susan Wethington: Hummingbird Monitoring Network, Arizona (Hummingbird nesting ecology)