On the slopes of the Antisana Volcano, Yanayacu is part of one of the largest intact altitudinal gradients in the eastern Andes (250-5000m). The station is at an elevation of 2100 m, but there is road access to elevations from 300-4300 m (roughly 1.5-2 hours to either extreme). Yanayacu is located in the province of Napo (Tena is the capital), 5 km directly west of the small town of Cosanga, and 20 km south of Baeza. GPS coordinates are: 00 36 S, 77 53 W.


The land around the station is comprised of 80% primary forest, and connects directly to the large national preserves surrounding the volcanos Antisana and Sumaco. The remaining land is abandoned cattle pasture, but large tracts of continuous forest abound. A well-established trail system provides access to most areas of the reserve.