Long-term Research Projects

As lead PI:

Arizona: Accipiter - Jay - Hummingbird trophic cascades (with Susan Wethington and the Hummingbird Monitoring Network)

Andean Cloud Forests: Ecology of the Spotted Barbtail (with Jeff Port)

Continental Ecuador: Natural history of Ecuador's Mainland Avifauna (with Paul Martin, Rob Dobbs, Rudy Gelis, & Alejandro Solano)

Global: Shelter building behavior of skipper caterpillars

As co-PI:

Amazonian Ecuador: Population structure and diversity of dung beetles, predaceous diving beetles, and fruit-feeding butterflies (with Thomas Walla, Phillip DeVries, Fernando Vaca, & Tron Larson)

East-Andean Cloud Forest: Caterpillars and Parasitoids of the Eastern Andes (with Lee Dyer, Tom Walla, Scott Shaw, John Stireman, Jim Miller, and Jim Whitfield)