Guidence for Researchers at Yanayacu


Proposals for independent research to be conducted at Yanayacu will be reviewed by the research associates before final approval. All proposals should be short, conscise, and submitted over email to Harold Greeney. All necessary permits must be obtained through the Ecuadorian government.

Proposals should contain:

  • Brief introduction to the proposed topic
  • Brief summary of time table, goals, and reasons for the study
  • Brief explanation of the methods
  • Detailed explanation of any manipulations or collections involving organisms at Yanayacu
  • Source of financial or academic support
  • CV of the principal investigator
  • Summary of numbers and rough qualifications of any students or assistants working on the project

What is expected of researchers

All researchers conducting studies at Yanayacu are expected to adhere to the strictest research standards and are expected to show respect and responsibility for the facilities, environment and organisms involved in the study. All proposed activities such as mist netting birds, climbing trees, and collecting and handling organisms should be carried out by qualified and responsible people. Reguardless of prior experience, investigators and assistants may be asked to refrain from irresponsible activities which we consider to cause harm to any aspect of the Yanayacu and San Isidro Reserve.

Principle investigators should bring copies of at least 10 papers relevant to their field of study. These papers will be added to the Yanayacu library.

Any questions should be directed to Harold Greeney at