Yanayacu Biological Station & Center for Creative Studies




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Yanayacu Biological Station is open year round and hosts scientists, artists, and school groups from around the world. The station provides excellent facilities for research, education, and creative arts in the cloud forest of Ecuador.

With enough room to sleep 45, the station has single, double, and dorm-style rooms. The bathrooms include flush toilets and hot showers. In 2005, a new building was completed which houses a large kitchen, dining area, library with internet connection, personal office space, and a creative arts studio. Additional facilities include a large, outdoor work enclosure currently occupied by the Caterpillar and Parasitoid Project, a smaller outdoor enclosure currently used for work on various small projects.


The kitchen at Yanayacu is large enough to prepare food for up to 60 people. As with most kitchens, it often ends up as the evening "hang-out" spot.

A view of the other end of the kitchen. The kitchen is stocked with basics such as vegetables, bread, cheese, grains, condiments, and dried beans.

The dining area often doubles as an outside arena for slide shows, talks, and lectures.

The Yanayacu library is growing rapidly. We have hundreds of reference books and thousands of article reprints! Additonal resources are always welcomed!

The spacious library provides plenty of room for students and researchers to sit and work and enjoy a climate controlled (slightly drier!) area.

There is plenty of room to relax, read, use the internet, and discuss ideas in the library. The library is a shoe-free zone, helping to reduce dust problems with sensitive equipment.

A large outdoor laboratory was built behind the station by an NSF funded project, Caterpillars and Parasitoids of the Eastern Andes.